Listed 7/31/19

Sold 8/3/19

Elbruz Becassiers Ari- "Ari"

*Turkish Import

Ari head shot.JPG

Sire: CH TR Grom

6 x BOB

11 x CAC


Dam: Miss D'Arkadivka

Whelp Date: 2/13/2018

Height: 49.5cm

Weight: 35 lbs

OFA: Premium Moderate  

Coat: Orange and White Clear

Does not carry the Short-tail/bobtail gene

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal


Inbreeding Coefficient (10 generations): 0.00%

UKC TAN: Not taken yet

UKC Water Retrieve Test: Not taken yet

Owner: Clint LaFary


UKC Trial Results:

AKC Trial Results:













Ari Ped good.jpg
Ari 1.jpg

Ari comes from a part of the world that many people don't think of when they think of the best-hunting dogs in the world- Turkey.  In this case, Ari has one of the best pedigrees that can be put together and it is a truly worldwide effort. Ari's sire, Grom,  is a Grand Champion in the field in Turkey and her Grand Sire, Laf Od Pantica, is one of the best EBs to grace the breed.   Ari is a fun, loving, and extremely hard running dog.  She has the mentality to push out past 200 yards in a cast.  Having the opportunity to bring her to the US was one I could not pass up.

Ari is starting out in the AKC trialing world this spring (2019)  in horseback trials.  We are excited to get her in the wild bird fields this fall.