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If you're wondering what Canicross is then you're not alone.  This is one of the fastest-growing sports that one can do with their dog.  It derives from the sport of dog mushing but you are working as a team with your dog.  It's very much a team effort.  While you can certainly participate and just run with your dog the idea behind Canicross is that the dog is actually pulling you while you are running.  This sport has gained a lot of popularity across Europe and is gaining popularity here in the United States and Canada.  The only thing required is a dog harness, gangline, and Canicross belt.  

French Brittanys are proving to be a great dog breed for



We are hosting a Canicross 5k race on June 25th, 2022 at

one of our farms here in Delavan, IL.  Please check out the

event website for more info and to sign up.


In this first race, we will not require you have the proper equipment as

long as your dog is leashed.  If you have a hard-pulling dog you may want

to consider a proper pulling harness and belt.  

We want this to be a fun experience for both you and your pet so we encourage you to come out and try out this sport.  This will have its own event so you can participate against other human/dog teams. While it can be competitive we just want everyone to have fun, no matter what level you or your pup are. If you really want to challenge yourself you can do the Canicross race with fido first and then the regular trail run after—or vice versa!

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