Forget about puppies for just a minute:  Start by focusing on good breeders in general.   Good breeders are small scale so they usually won't have dogs available right away. Avoid breeders who usually have pups. Gather a list of six or more breeders you are comfortable with. Work with everyone on your list and see who has a well-bred litter first.


Go to dog events:  Puppy mills and backyard breeders rarely do anything with their dogs except breed.  Good breeders do many things with their dogs. By finding a breeder at a dog event you avoid a lot of puppy mills and backyard breeders. Many puppy mills and backyard breeders use dogs from good breeders assuming these dogs will be good reproducers too without taking the time to test these dogs.


Be wary of the internet:  Everyone shops online these days but understand that most puppy mills and backyard breeders use websites and online, classifieds to sell their dogs.


Evaluating Breeders and Litters - How to Tell Good from Bad

Start by getting the UKC and AKC information (both- NOT one or the other):  All breeding dogs should have a UKC and AKC registration number and name.  Do not accept the American Pet Registry, Continental Kennel Club, or United All Breed.   All good breeders will supply this information readily.  Good breeder websites have this information prominently posted.  Don't deal with anyone who won't provide this information right away.


Look up the dog's health certifications:  There are two necessary health checks for all breeding Bretons.  Good breeders do them all.  Look up the results for the parents and grandparents of any pup you might buy.  (it’s easy - see below)   The tests are:


Hips (OFA and/or PennHip)-- should be clear for both parents and grandparents

Ay Gene- should be clear in both parents


Use the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Database:  The OFA evaluates hips and elbows but their free database also stores all the other important test results (www.offa.org)  All you need is the registration information.


Don't buy from a breeder that just breeds.  To know a breed you must work with that breed. Make sure your breeder does a couple of the following:

Field Trials/Tests

Conformation showing

Obedience competition

Agility competition


Also look for

Local French Brittany Club Membership

CEB US Membership

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