This 30 day program is for puppies 8 weeks old and older.  This training is geared around one thing: birds.  Your puppy will be introduced to birds (alive and dead), learn to search for birds in all types of cover from open fields, thick creek bottoms, timber and prairie grass. They will be encouraged to play with alive and dead birds daily. If all goes well the ground work for a happy and excited retriever will be laid during this time.  In addition to their time with birds and field cover they will be properly introduced to gun fire.  At this time along with the birds, cover and gun fire they will be ran with other puppies/dogs giving them the proper introduction and socialization to other dogs.  This is very important for later training.  The puppy will be introduced to water and water retrieving.

At the end of this 30 day program you can expect to have an excited puppy that will be actively search for game in all cover types.  Have a puppy that was properly introduced to gun fire and other puppies/dogs. Properly introduced to retrieving.  You will have a puppy that has all the ground work it needs to go on for formal and successful hunting dog training later.  This is also a perfect way to prepare the puppy for our Gun Dog or Finished Dog Programs.

At the end of the training we will expect you, the handler, to come and spend some time with us when you pick up your dog. This will ensure you understand what the dog knows and how to handle the different situations that will arise when out with your dog, and that the dog will perform to the same high standards for you the owner as he does for us. This also gives you the tools you will need to be able to maintain his training and eliminates the need to come back for yearly "tune-ups." This policy is an important part of helping you and your dog become a successful team, whether it be a foot hunting companion and trial dog.


 Puppy Training Program:

Cost: $500.00

Duration: 30 days

Age: 8 weeks - 6 months

What to bring:

Shot records verifying: You will not be allowed to leave the dog without these!

-Rabies vaccination - if possible at the age of the puppy

-Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination

-DHPPC (distemper) vaccination

Any medication, including flea and tick preventative or heart worm preventative

​Optional: Dog Food

Puppy training gear for home after being picked up:

Wing on a string rig (handkerchief or rag can substitute for wing)

Whistle (at least three, unless you never lose anything)

Choke collar of appropriate size - get a cheap little one locally, but no nylon or fabric

Puppy collar with ID tag

Training lead - 6 to 8' lead with hand loop

Spray water bottle or water pistol (for longer range in-house corrections, like noise in crate, peeing/pooping inside)

Wire kennel crate (plastics get too hot inside)

Dummies – We highly recommend Scott Linden’s Real Bird Bumper

Cap pistol and blank pistol or equivalent for gun-shot noise conditioning

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