Marco de Broughton TAN WRT


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Marco is a mid-ranging dog with good natural speed. He works very hard in the field to find birds.  His gate is very good at top speed.  He quarters naturally at both sides.  


Marco has a very stylish and hard point that has been passed down the Pellegrinotti lines.  He is a very strong natural retriever on land and in the water.  He has been force broke to retrieve also.


Marco is one of the nicest and loving French Brittanys I have ever been around.  While he doesn't mind being petted he prefers to be at your side waiting to go again.


Marco is steady to wing, shot and release.  Retrieves to Hand. Backs/honors.  He is very easy to handle and hunts for anyone.  He is all business in the field.  


Marco has had a strong start to a trialing career and I killed 50 plus wild birds over him this hunting season.  He comes with full AKC and UKC registration.  


Marco is a 100% Finished dog in training.




Marco's Profile:

Sire: Hermes de L'Adore

Dam: Grace de Les Bois

Whelp Date: 07/08/2016

Height: 20 inches

Weight: 33 lbs


Coat: Orange and White Roan

NON Ay Gene Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Inbreeding Coefficient (10 generations): 0.106%

Confirmation: not of age yet



Owner and Handler: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Steve Broughton


UKC Trial Results:

HPPDC October 2017- PASS GUN Brace Wild

CMEBGDC December 2017- RCAG (2nd place) GUN Solo Liberated