Dog training grounds in Illinois and Iowa

Sur le Delavan kennel owns over 1200 acres of prime training and hunting grounds to work dogs on in Delavan, IL, and Bloomfield, IA.  While some of the work takes place at our home in the yard.  We spend most of our time in the training fields. We are lucky enough to be able to run on wild (and pre-released birds on some fields) year-round.  These fields range from across the road to 2 miles away in San Jose, IL.   

We also have 300 plus acres along the Mackinaw River to train on.  We keep our Cabin Farm mowed and kept for truly some of the best Woodcock hunting in the Midwest.  Along with the woodcock hunting, the river flyway offers some great duck and goose hunting. While your dogs are here they will be exposed to the timberland during training.  These farms also offer great water work in the warmer months.  

We have 9 indoor/outdoor runs.  This building has AC and Heat.  Each kennel run has sleeping cots for the dogs.  We have 6 large outdoor runs for the milder times of the yard. The enjoy the fenced dog run area when it isn't training.

We keep horses to train, handle, and trial off of.  This is a new addition to the kennel in 2019.  It was something we were taking our time getting into.  We are now fully invested and having a blast with it.  This has been one of the biggest "helps" to the training we have had in many years.

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