This is the foundation for all great Gun Dogs and Field Trial Dogs. This training program is geared for the Gun Dog that spends its life in search of birds in all types of cover. Our Finished DOG Training Program is a 90 day (3 month program.) This program is for adult dogs or older puppies that have completed our Gun Dog Program.  Dogs in this program will go through all the steps outlined in our GUN DOG TRAINING PROGRAM and then will continue on to learn HEEL, WHOA, to be STEADY TO WING, or STEADY TO WING, SHOT AND RELEASE. He will understand these things completely and perform them happily and to a very high degree of proficiency.

This program is used by my trialers and hunters alike.

 FORCED FETCH is not included in the FINISH DOG PROGRAM.

At the end of the training we will expect you, the handler, to come and spend some time with us when you pick up your dog. This will ensure you understand what the dog knows and how to handle the different situations that will arise when out with your dog, and that the dog will perform to the same high standards for you the owner as he does for us. This also gives you the tools you will need to be able to maintain his training and eliminates the need to come back for yearly "tune-ups." This policy is an important part of helping you and your dog become a successful team, whether it be a foot hunting companion and trial dog.

 Gun Dog Training Program:

Cost: $750.00 per month ($2,250.00 plus birds total)

Duration: 90 days

Age: Geared at older dogs that have foundation training already completed.

What to bring:

Shot records verifying: You will not be allowed to leave the dog without these!

-Rabies vaccination

-Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination

-DHPPC (distemper) vaccination

Any medication, including flea and tick preventative or heart worm preventative

​Optional: Dog Food

Finished dog training gear for home after being picking up:

Dummies- many of them

Shedding blade and quality horse brush

Kennel/ID collar with proper ID tag

Training lead-  8' and 30’

Bell, beeper, and/or e-collar

Choker- Adult size

Stiff pole or conduit with cord for pole drags

Dummy Launcher 

E-collar- of choice

Bird carrier bag

Surveyor’s tape

Bird transport

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