Sur le Delavan Kennel is located 3 miles north of San Jose, IL.  We live at the kennel on 120 acres.  The kennel offers 9 indoor/outdoor runs with AC and heating for year round comfort. We also have 6 outdoor runs that we use during the milder months.  

We have 5 State of IL approved training grounds we can use all year round.  3 of those grounds are wild birds only, giving us and our dogs the opportunity to be on wild quail and pheasants year round.  These grounds have ponds and rivers on them giving us the opportunity to do water work daily.  The grounds offer all different landscapes from cool season grasses to Tall Blue Stem and thick river bottoms.  

In addition to our IL training grounds we own 5 farms in south east IA.  Our IA farms are full of quail and pheasants that again give us and the dogs the chance to be on even more wild birds.  

We keep a large number of homing pigeons on hand.  We also keep quail, pheasant, chukar and kill pigeons year round for our use and for sale year round.


We have a large 8 hole Ainley trailer that the training dogs travel in to and from the training grounds and trials.   We normally pull it with our RV so the dogs are never left unattended while traveling.


Two Trainers:

Clint LaFary and Bud Shipp

9 indoor/outdoor kennels

- Heating and cooling

- in floor drains

- polished concrete floor indoors

- fan blown circulation

- indoor water 

6 outdoor kennel runs

- each run has a barrel dog house

- concrete floors

8 hole Ainley trailer

5 state of IL approved training fields

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