Pheasant and Quail Hunting in Bloomfield, Iowa


I offer a limited number of guided wild birds hunts on our farms each year.  These book up very fast and are done on a first come first served booking.  Half days are $150 per gun.  Full days are $250 per gun.  These hunts are done in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. Iowa state laws are the set limits: 3 cock pheasants and 8 quail. You are welcome to bring your dog or hunt behind mine. 4 person max hunt per hunt.  

You can see what to expect on the TV show Wingshooting USA.  They were hosted on our farms in the season openers for 2017 and 2018 seasons.  The links can be found on our media page.  The cover is field and timber edges.  The cover can be tick and challenging.  These are working farms not groomed hunting clubs.  We have over 1000 of our own private ground to hunt.   You should not expect to hunt the same farm twice in a weekend.  We try to only hunt a single farm 2-3 times a month.  

The pet friendly Southfork Motel in Bloomfield, IA has a good rate and is close to the farms we will be hunting.  They also have a bar and restaurant attached to the motel.  

Typically for a full day hunt we meet at the Southfork for a breakfast at 7:00am.  This is a good time to get to know one another and get a plan set for the day.  For half day hunts we meet around noon at the Southfork for lunch and do the same.  

Full day hunts start at 8:00-11:30 with a break for lunch and then in the afternoon from 1:00-4:00.

Half day hunts start at 8:00-11:30 or 1:00-4:00.

IA State law shuts upland hunting down at 4:00pm and we follow that closely to give our coveys a chance to group back up for the cold nights. We ask you to please pick up your spent shells.  We also ask that you wear a orange hat and vest/coat. If at any point the hunt is unsafe I will call it and no refund will be given.

Where Are We?

McCrea Farms are located in Davis County, IA in the Bloomfield area in Southeast Iowa.  These are our own personal farms not leased or public grounds.  We have over 1000 acres of prime hunting ground for you to enjoy.


Deposit Policy

A nonrefundable payment of 50% of your total hunt is due when making your reservations.


Cancellation Policy

If cancelling after September 1st and less than 60 days your entire deposit will be lost. If someone in our original booking does not show, you will be charged the full amount, for original amount booked. These policies will help us provide you better service.



We can pick up you up at the Southfork Motel in Bloomfield, IA or you are welcome to follow us to the fields in your own truck.



Use the following list as an upland bird hunting checklist when packing for your hunt with Sur le Delavan Kennel:

  • Your gun

  • Shells – We recommend 7 1/2’s or 6’s for upland

  • Orange hat and vest/coat

  • Gun case

  • Shooting glasses

  • Comfortable boots

  • Camera (Optional)

  • Cooler (Optional)

  • Comfortable shirt and pants



  • Try hunting in early morning or late afternoon, when pheasants are feeding.

  • You will find a better shot on the edges of a grain field rather than deep in the midst of it.

  • In mid-day, when the birds have taken deeper cover, walk slowly back and forth to flush them, so that your partner – a blocker stationed at the end of the field – can get a shot.

  • Wear hunter orange at all times, especially when working with a blocker.

  • A properly trained pointing or flushing dog helps increase hunter success.

  • The best time to hunt a quail is late in the afternoon.

  • If possible, hit brushy areas between agricultural plots, especially the edges. These areas provide both shelter and easy access to and from food for the birds.

  • If you flush out a covey that you don’t see land, give them a minute or so then hit your quail call to find their new location.

  • Be ready to shoot! This is a good rule for all hunting as birds can and will show up anywhere. (But always be safe!)

  • Aim and shoot at individual birds, not into coveys. Not only is it more sporting and you are less likely to wound birds, it is more effective in getting birds into your bag.

  • If you only flush out a few quail, don’t give up. Coveys don’t always flush together. Instead, move slowly toward the sight of the flush and be ready!

  • When quail hunting, always wear hunter orange.


We are not responsible for the quality of your hunt when using your own dog. Make sure your dog is in shape and is accustomed to hunting our conditions.


Our guided upland hunts are made up of 1-4 bird hunters. We hunt in native prairie grasses, milo, and cornfields. Most of our hunting is done by walking. Breaks are taken during the hunt to water dogs and give the hunters a rest. Please let us know the pace you enjoy bird hunting. We have fast and slow working dogs. Our guided upland hunts are designed to accommodate your style of wingshooting.

20-21 Iowa dates that remain open currently:

Oct 31-1 Booked

Nov 13-15 Booked

Nov 27-29 Booked

Dec 11-13 Booked

Dec 18-20 Booked

Jan 8-10

Jan 15-17 Quail only Booked

Jan 22-24 Quail only

Jan 29-30 Quail only


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