Whitetail Deer hunting in Southwest IA and Central IL

Sur le Delavan Kennel owns thousands of acres of the best hunting ground in Davis County IA and Tazewell IL deer hunting territory. The land is scouted year round, thus Sur le Delavan Kennel is not just a seasonal operation. We are working for you not only in the fall, but all year to assure you the best deer hunt possible. Our reputation precedes itself as one of the finest whitetail deer hunting outfitters open to the public.

Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction for each deer hunter. Compare us with other whitetail deer hunting lodges & outfitters. You won’t be disappointed. 

When looking for a hunting outfitter, especially a whitetail deer hunting outfitter, you need to make sure you do your home work. There are so many Illinois and Iowa outfitters and many are located in our areas. New deer outfitters are popping up every year and whitetail hunters need to know what they are getting into. When hunting with an outfitter make sure you ask all the questions and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  • All whitetail are free roaming.

  • Hunts are fully or semi guided. Guides can take you to and from the stand. Guides do not sit in the stand.

  • We own approximately 2250 acres located in Davis County IA Zones 5 and 6 and Tazewell Counties.

  • The average opportunity rate is approximately 60%.

  • We only harvest bucks scoring 120 Pope & Young or better.

  • We encourage the harvesting of does.

  • Crossbows are legal in Illinois during archery season.

  • Illinois is a shotgun or muzzleloader only state. (No rifles)

  • Slugs are used with shotguns. Buckshot is not allowed.

  • All guns must be plugged and can only hold 3 shells at a time.

  • All guns and bows must be in cases while in the vehicle.

  • When a deer is wounded, a possible 48-hour search may be required before hunting is resumed.

  • Gun hunters must wear a solid orange cap and a solid orange vest.

  • Average tree stand height is 15′-18′. Higher and lower stands are available. Ground blinds are also available. Please call ahead to let us know any special requirements.

  • We use tree steps and stacking sticks with our lock on stands.

  • Ladder stands are available.

  • Guides will field dress your deer.

  • Processing – We can quarter or de-bone your deer.

  • Caping – There is a fee paid directly to a local processor.

  • Smoking Policy – No smoking tree stands or in guides’ vehicles.

IL 2020 Archery Dates Available:

  • October 1st–5th (Opening Week - 5 Days of Hunting SOLD OUT

  • October 11th-14th & 15th AM - 4 1/2 Days of Hunting $1,150

  • October 18th–21st & 22nd AM - 4 1/2 Days of Hunting $1,150

  • October 24th-28th 5 Days of Hunting $2,000

  • October 30th-November 4th 6 Days of Hunting $3,500

  • November 6th-11th 6 Days of Hunting $3,500

  • November 13th-17th 5 days of hunting $3,500

  • November 26th-30th 5 days of hunting $1,150

Doe Reduction Hunts 4 days of hunting $750.00

2020 Firearm Dates Available:

  • November 20th-22nd (Shotgun or Muzzleloader) SOLD OUT

  • Dec 3rd–Dec 6th (Shotgun or Muzzleloader) 4 Day Hunt $3,500

  • December 11th-13th (Muzzleloader Only) 3 Day Hunt $1,500

For our Iowa hunts we offer a couple different opportunities.  We do yearly hunting farm leases on 5 different farms:

West Grove - 220 acres  $4250.00 - Leased 20-21

Monterey- 160 acres      $4000.00 - Leased 20-21

Savannah- 160 acres      $4000.00

Knapp- 200 acres          $3500.00 - Leased 20-21

Styles- 80 acres             $1000.00

These leases give you complete hunting right for all season on all species (excluding upland birds).  We also offer seasonally hunting on non leased farms.  Contact me for prices.

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