Ninot del Vino Fino

Spanish Import


About Ninot

Ninot's Stats

Sire: Oku de Penalobera*** CHp, TRcP

Dam: Jipsy de Saragon

Whelp date: 

Height: 19.5

Weight: 34

Hips: A Hips

Coat: Orange and White Clear

NON Bobtail

NON Ay Gene Carrier- Non-Sable Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Confirmation: C1 Excellent - Monografia Spain 2019

Inbreeding Coefficient (10 generations): 



Owners: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Rafael Diaz Ferrer







Ninot comes to us from Spain and the Vino Fino Kennel.  I started trying to by Ninot when he showed up on the Spanish field trial circuit.  After about a year of effort, he is now with us.  He has a very promising field trial, hunting, and show future ahead of him.  Ninot has a packed pedigree that has given him a power-packed future.  His father is a proven field trial and his grandfather is one of the most proven Spanish dogs of modern time- Dex de Saragon.  

What sets Ninot apart from others is his field ablities are equally as matched in the ring.  He classed C1 Excellent in 2019 at the Monografica de Spain.


His dam, Jipsy de Saragon, was the winner of the Carlota 2015 and classified for the youth derby. Very typical Breton bitch in all its aspects, a sample with a lot of tension and authority, her great style and her strong mentality, together with her overflowing passion, leads her to be tireless in the field and to gather all the requirements to be a great Breton.

Her morphology is excellent in all its aspects, from the insertion of the ears to the cranial proportions, with a very short kidney and COB appearance, all of which give it a very expressive appearance, distinctive of the Bretons.









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