Rik James De Bent River


About Rik James

Rik James comes to us as a promising young dog from Bent River Bretons.  He is proving to be a puppy full of energy and desire.  He brings some strong influences of a packed pedigree going back to some very proven dogs in France and Spain.  If Rik's life follows the path of those before him we are in for a great ride. 

Rik has excellent conformation and movement in the field.  He has a strong build and powerful run in the field.  His movement is what the EB is known for.  

Rik will spend the summer of 2021 getting the basics in training and build for his first real hunting season.  He will have the opportunity for some natural ability testing in the fall of 2021.  We aren't going to get in a rush with him and let his natural ability do the rest.

Rik's health testing is great- hips, genes, and health. 

Rik James' Stats

Sire: Ourson du Domaine Fayet TAN

Dam: Omega Sur le Delavan TAN WRT

Whelp date: 06/22/2020

Height: Still Growing

Weight: Still Growing

Hips: PennHip .44

      : OFA Prelim GOOD

Coat: Orange and White Clear

NON Bobtail

NON Ay Gene Carrier- Non-Sable Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Confirmation: Too Young

Inbreeding Coefficient DNA: 28%

Embark Test Results

Owner: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Doug Bollin







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