The building blocks of a breeding program are called the foundation stock. These are the dogs whose traits and pedigrees serve as the base from which future generations will be produced. Therefore, these individuals should be healthy and as close to the breed standard as possible.  We have spent countless hours, money, and trial and error building our foundation stock for the Sur le Delavan Line of Bretons.  

This page is a look at the famous and proven dogs you will find we carefully picked to build our foundation from.  These dogs come from the best kennels in Europe.  You will also notice all these dogs are proven in both the field and confirmation.  We have focused on finding the best female reproducers that we could to work from with the following dogs in their pedigrees. 

CH. TR. Sacha De Saint Lubin

CH. TR. Flam Du Vallon de la Rigaude

CH. TR. Shun De La Source Aux Perdrix

CH.TR. R'Vampire du mas d'Eyraud 

CH. TR. Orace Du Pont de Cauhet

CH. TR. Best De La Source Aux Perdrix

CH. TR. Lurky Des Sources Claire

CH. TR. Iska De Saint Lubin

CH. TR. Gehina de la Coulee Notre Dame

CH.TR. Bayard Dit Bono de Saint Lubin

CH. TR. Liroy Du Vallon de la Rigaude

CH. TR. Cyrano De Saint Lubin

CH.TR. TinTin de Keranlouan

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