Our Philosophy


The Epagneul Breton (French Brittany) is the smallest of the pointing breeds with a Continental spaniel-type head (braccoïde in French) and a short or non-existent tail. This breed is built harmoniously on a solid, but not weighty, frame. The whole is compact and well-knit, without undue heaviness, while staying sufficiently elegant. The dog is vigorous, the look is bright, and the expression intelligent. The general aspect is “cobby” (brachymorphic), full of energy, having conserved in the course of its evolution the short-coupled model sought after and fixed by those having recreated the breed.


In the true meaning of the word "versatile" they are Champions: At home. In the Field.  These are pointing dogs. They were born with the desire to find game and point it.  It is a very simple idea.  It nearly makes me sick that some breeders are attempting to sell this breed as a versatile dog.  Yes, they can retrieve on land and water.  Yes, the can track furred game.  They can do many things well. In the end they are GREAT pointing dogs when allowed to be.

French Brittanys are 95% genetic and only require about 5% training to do their job.  If some one is selling the idea that it is a 50/50 trade be very careful of the product you are buying!    So let the dog do what it was breed to do and take the time to do the 5% of training left to shape its behavior.    


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