Our Philosophy


In the true meaning of the word "versatile" we raise Champion French Brittanys: At home. In the Field.  These are pointing dogs; they were born with the desire to find game and point it.  It is a very simple idea.  It nearly makes me sick that some breeders are attempting to sell this breed as a versatile dog.  Yes, they can retrieve on land and water.  Yes, the can track furred game.  They can do many things well. In the end they are GREAT pointing dogs when allowed to be.  Well breed French Brittanys also make GREAT family pets.  They do require a great deal of time to burn off their energy though.

There are two important factors in quality of the French Brittany: Genetics and Training.   There are no short cuts on either factor.  We put in the extra time, money, and effort searching the world for the best performing and reproducing dogs the breed has to offer.  A common mistake you will see with breeders involved it this breed is they breed and use each dog they own.   They aren’t willing to go outside their small number of dogs in search of the best.   We don’t chase fads and trends in the breed- we set standards for other to follow. That sells the breed and client short.  Way short.  Not everyone has the time and or knowledge to train their EB.  We offer many different training opportunities for our clients and those who buy dogs elsewhere.   We currently, and have for 10 years, train over 40 French Brittanys a year.   We don’t offer training for the client and then send them elsewhere; we train the dog and owners alike. 

We follow the CEB US breeder policies and are one few breeders in the US that sign the breeder agreement.   Not only do we follow their standard we go above and beyond their suggestions.  All of our dogs have their hips tested with either the OFA at an young age or have foreign testing in addition to having their hips done by Pennhip.  We will not use dogs that show any signs of hip issues.   All our dogs have two different tests performed on their hips.  All our dogs have a complete DNA profile done and published by Embark.  We test for “d” and “Ay” as well as over 100 other markers.  There isn’t a more reliable test anywhere.  All of our breeding dogs class C1 excellent in confirmation.  All our dgs will have pasted the UKC TAN and WRT tests before being breed.  Most, nearly all, of our breeding stock are UKC Champions in the ring and field. 





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