All 10 memberships for 2017-2018 have been paid and set for the season.

Sur le Delavan Kennel offers a group lease for upland hunting, training and deer/turkey hunting.  This is for the use of the Knapp Farm year round. This lease will be offered to 10 people total each year.


Mc Crea – Knapp Farm Hunting Lease and Rules for 2017–2018

A total of 10 lease memberships will be allowed to lease the right to use the McCrea Farms – Knapp Farm for the purpose of hunting and training dogs.  The lease memberships can be met in any combination of single or family memberships.  Please be aware that IA hunting laws can be a bit hard to follow and understand for non-Iowa residents.  Also important to note, the Knapp Farm is in Zone 6 for deer hunting and Zone 4 for turkey.


Single Lease is for that member only.

$250.00 for the lease, $250 for 25 pheasants and $250 for 50 quail to be released = $750.00


*** Includes deer and turkey hunting.

Family Lease is for the member, spouse and any child in school and living at home.

$500.00 for the lease, $500 for 50 pheasants and $500 for 100 quail to be released = $1,500.00

*** Deer and Turkey hunting can be added to the family lease for $1,500.00


Birds will be released on the first Thursday of each month.  There will be a minimum of 50 quail (Oct-Jan) and 25 pheasants (Oct-Dec) released each month.  Pheasants will be released on a 50/50 hen to cock ratio. No hen pheasants will be allowed to be harvested. There will be no hunting allowed on the release days.   That number will likely be higher depending on the number of leasers.  Each member is able to have a daily bag limit on them each day of quail and pheasant.   Each leaser is welcome and encouraged to bring additional birds to the farm for dog training.


On months not during the IA upland hunting season dog training is welcome.   

Leases are for the entire year June 1st-May 31st the following year.  Leases include all legal hunting allowed in the state of IA and the dog training on the Knapp Farm.

We will have 4 “leaser wild hunting weekends” on the rest of the McCrea Farms during the IA hunting season. Opening - weekend, Jan 13th weekend, Jan 20th weekend, and Jan 27th weekend.


The HPEBGDC holds the right to host a trial the 3rd weekend of October every year on the Knapp Farm. And host training days during the off season on the Knapp Farm.

(The state of IA doesn’t allow for the “early release” of quail. So if ever asked by the DNR make sure you let them know you are dog training.). There will be no hunting allowed on the release days.  


General Rules

1. All members must have a valid McCrea Farms Hunting Lease card on his / her person and accessible to show to a fellow member while on the club’s property. (Can be on your phone)

2. Lease members are required to display a current vehicle pass on vehicles and campers.

3. Our lease year starts June 1st and ends May 31st of the following year. Membership slots are filled on a first paid basis starting on May 1st. Current members in good standing have membership renewal preference until May 1st. New members will be accepted based on available (open) membership slots on May 7th.

4. Members must log all kills of each species (including training birds) on the farm they were harvested and turn in a log sheet at the end of each year by May 31stL.  

5. All daily farming taking preference over all lease activities.

6. The HPEBGDC will have the right to use the farms involved in the lease the weekend before the IA upland opening weekend every year to host their wild and liberated bird trials.


Deer Hunting Rules

1. Iowa DNR (state) hunting regulations apply to all McCrea properties. Additional lease restrictions also apply to our “Quality Managed Deer Farm.”

2. “Quality Managed Deer Farm”- A maximum of two (2) does per membership, one of the allowed does must be harvested with a bow or muzzle loader and one trophy buck.

                a. Bucks harvested must have a minimum 4 points on both sides.

                b. Both the hunter and doe/buck must be 100 yards away from food plots. Exception, children under the age of 16 can harvest a doe (or buck)                 on a club food plot.

                c. Bucks harvested on a “Quality Managed Deer Farm” are asked to be shoulder, or European    mounted.

                d. Hunter’s harvesting a buck that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the “Quality     Managed Deer Farm” will be fined $250.00 and                 no other deer will be allowed to be harvested by that member for the rest of that hunting season.  If fine goes up paid the member will not be                 allowed to renew their lease the following year.


Stands and more detailed deer hunting rules

1. Stands (blinds) must be placed at least 100 yards away from food plots.

2. All stands(blinds) and personal property must be marked at eye level with the year, lease member’s name and phone number.

3. Stands on Power lines & Gas lines are not to extend no more than 3 feet onto right of way and must be on the same side as all other permanent stands.

5. If you have a stand (blind), you must maintain your stand (blind) year round and visit each stand on a monthly basis during deer season.

5. No one is allowed to hunt another member’s permanent stand unless they have that member’s permission.

6. Each member is allowed three permanent deer stands (blinds) total.

7. All deer hunting must take place from a deer stand (blind).

8. No “party hunting” allow on the lease.


Land Management

1. No cutting of trees.  It is fine to clear shooting lanes for your deer stand.

2. All members must do one of the following (but welcome to do more than one):

                a. Plant a food plot.

                b. Attend a lease workday.  Workdays involve mowing, picking up trash, moving deer stands…

                c. Provide supplemental upland food.

                d. Provide a quail call back house.

3. You must provide the details regarding your work on the farm to Clint LaFary after work is done.

5. Food plots must be approved in advance by the FSA office and Clint LaFary.



1. Knapp Farm - Lease members may place a camper at the Knapp Farm during the hunting/training season.  Campers must be kept in an area not to interfere with daily farming activity. Campers must be removed from the Knapp Farm after hunting/training season.

2. Campers must display the lease , member’s vehicle least pass while parked on a club property.

3. Contact Clint LaFary if you have question regarding camper placement and removal.


Rules of Conduct

1. No shooting over an adjoining landowner’s property.

2. If you see someone trespassing, try to get their name and picture. Call 911 and ask for a game warden then report the event. Provide details to Clint LaFary including the date and time.

3. Members are asked to carry some kind of camera/phone.

4. No off- roading of any type on the farm.  You may use a vehicle to retrieve downed game if needed.

5. No driving thru food plots.

8. Anyone caught playing in mud, tearing up property or roads; anyone caught breaking State Game Laws or caught breaking lease rules will be kicked off of the lease and no refund will be made.

9. Pick up all spent shells.

10. Make every effort to get along with other members of the lease.

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