Iuka di Val Grossa

Italian Import

To understand how important and powerful Iuna is to our breeding program you need to truly under the work that it took Andrea Preto to produce her.   In 2000 Preto Andrea started Val Grossa kennel and breeding EBs with progeny of Ch. Ass. Potrò de Keranlouan and of Ch. Lav. Taras Boulba de la Buiette.

From the union between this marvelous sample and Betty (daughter of the Ch. It. Lav. Int. Ebert de Keranlouan and of Bovary), in 2001 Clery is born, young promised ENCI and winning of numerous CAC and CACIB, more times chosen better than race, expatriated to Cyprus to the 2 year-old age for hand of Mr. Paraschevaides.

In 2000, from the breeding among Mike de Saint Lubin and Nevez will be born Rusko of Val Grossa, super winning hunter of a CAC in Exposure that to 2 years old age dies invested by a car and Remì of Val Grossa, given to the friend Melotti Dario that entrusts her to Mr. Rodolfo Pellegrinotti which gets a CAC CACIT and two of its Excellents to the tests to Zara in February 2003. In the same year, from the union among Mike de Saint Lubin and Ivette (daughter of Bleck and Timmy) is born Queens of Val Grossa, excellent huntress and typical exponent of the race.

In 2001 are born Siskas (pluri CAC in Exposure and better than race) and Samba (excellent huntress and typical sample of the Epagneul Breton), daughters of Pyrol de Sous les Viviers and Naska.

In 2002, from the couplings among the Ch. Lav. Bad de Keranlouan (child of Ebert de Keranlouan and of Caille de Kerveillant) and Tequila of the Martignone (born by the Ch. B. Int. B. Urak and from the Ch. B. Beba) is born Tujen of Val Grossa that to 18 months reaches the title of Ch. B.

In February of 2003 Rose of Val Grossa arrives (typical excellent huntress), landed with her mother to the Court of the Fallinis.

During 2003 arrive in the house Val Grossa Une and Ulisse de Sain Lubin, (children of the Ch. Ass. Nixo de Saint Lubin and of the Ch. B. Obene de Saint Lubin), Uliga de la Montagne des Hardrets (born by the Ch. Mond. Int. Lux. B. Odin de la Montagne des Hardrets and from Syrcee de Rocancourt) and Udine des Sources Claires (born by Ch. Ass. Lurky des Sources Claires and from Mady des Sources Claires).

That is the base from which Iuka was built on and now we are building from. Her pedigree reads as a Who's Who of the best kennels and dogs in Europe. She brings a very strong confirmation on the female side of breeding.  I feel strongly that she will carry this over to our line of dogs. 

Iuka's Stats

About Iuka



Whelp date: 



Hips: B Rated in Europe

Coat: Orange and White Clear

NON Bobtail

NON Ay Gene Carrier- Non-Sable Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Confirmation: C1 Excellent

Inbreeding Coefficient (10 generations): 



Owners: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Andrea Preto

Champion of the Champion Class in French National Elevage







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