Sold: 9/18/20  

3x GRCHf Juno Ten Bar Ranch TAN WRT

2015, 2016, 2017 National Champion

UKC 3x Grandchampion of the Field

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Juno is a trialing and hunting machine.   In her three years of trialing she has been nearly unbeatable.  She earned the UKC Champion of the Field in under 14 months of age and earned her first Grand Champion of the Field at only 20 months and second by 22 months! She is a 4 x National Champion at the CEB US National Conclave.  While her field trial days are, for the most part, behind her; she is now our go-to hunting dog.


Juno is a lodge favorite with nearly every group she guides for.  She is known for being rock solid on point and never losing a down bird.  She will hunt for 5-6 days in a row without out showing any signs of slowing down.


The best way to describe Juno is by calling her a "hard runner and bird finder." Juno got her father's size, ground speed, and style. She is extremely fast, hard-charging and stylish in the field. She is a very proven breeder and a great mother. Her abilities showed at an exceptionally young age.  At times she can prove to be a little hard headed but does take to training well.




Whelp Date:03/27/2014

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 32 lbs

OFA: Prelim GOOD

Hips: PennHip Certified 2019

Ay Gene: Negative

Teeth: Good

Bite: Slight Underbite

COI: 18%

Confirmation: C1 Excellent

2x Grand Champion of the Field


UKC Water Retrieve Test: PASS

Sire: Ten Bar Ranch Heineken

Dam: Girl du Bois Courcol (French Import)

Breeder: Terry Jacobson

Owner: Clint LaFary


UKC Trial Results:

2020 HPPDC Open Solo Lib (CAC) Champion

2020 CEB US Open Braces Lib (RCAC) Reserve Champ

2020 EBGDC Open Braces Wild (CAC) Champion

2018 HPPDC OPEN Braces Liberated (CAC) Champion

2018 HPPDC OPEN Solo Liberated (CAC) Champion

2017 CMEBGDC OPEN Braces Liberated (CAC) Champion 

2017 HPEBGDC Youth OPEN Liberated Solo (CAC) Champion 

2017 CEB US National OPEN Liberated Braces (CAC) Champion

2017 CEB US National OPEN Liberated Solo (CAC) Champion

2017 Natchez Trace OPEN Solo Wild (CAC)Champion

2016 CMEBGDC OPEN Braces Liberated Champion (CAC) (Sunday)

2016 CMEBGDC OPEN Solo Liberated Champion (CAC) (Saturday)

2016 CMEBGDC OPEN Braces Liberated Champion (CAC) 

2016 CEB US National OPEN Wild Braces (CAC) Champion

2016 Natchez Trace OPEN Liberated Braces (CAC) Champion

2016 Natchez Trace OPEN Liberated Solo (CAC) Champion

2015 EBGDC Georgia OPEN Wild Braces Champion

2015 HPEBGDC OPEN Wild Solo Champion

2015 CEB US National GUN Wild Solo Champion

2015 Rocky Mountain Cup Wild Champion

2015 Big Sky Gun Dog Club Wild Solo Gun Champion

AKC Trial Results:

2019- Greater WI Brittany Club- Open Limited Gun Dog 4rd place (horseback)

2018- Heart of IL Brittany Club- Open Gun Dog 3rd place (walking)




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