Nadia de Broughton TAN WRT

Listed: Jan. 4th, 2019

Sold: Jan. 11th, 2019 

Nada 3
Nada 3

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Nadia 2

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Nadia Hips

Nada 3
Nada 3


Nadia de Broughton is the newest female in the kennel, but that doesn't stop her from being a big personality with a fun-loving take on life. She loves to play and run the fields but has already taken to being a great pointer in the field as well. We are excited to get her worked into our trialing and hunting ng program.  She brings a full set of new lines to the kennel.

Nadia is a great retriever on land and water.

Nadia's Profile:


Sire: Ioko de la Pinede Aux Oliviers

Dam: Lara de Casa Ato

Whelp Date:

Height: 48

Weight: 32lbs


Coat: Black and White Clear

NON-AY- Not Sable

NON-Dilution Gene

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal


Inbreeding Coefficient (10 generations): 0.00%


UKC Water Retrieve Test: PASS

Breeder: Steve Broughton

Owner: Clint LaFary