Field Trialing with your French Brittany

We trial our French Brittanys in the AKC (walking and horseback) and UKC. From time to time we also test our dogs in AKC Hunt Test and NAHVDA.

While we enjoy trialing we do it for you all. We feel it is the most important and transparent way to prove how "good" our dogs are. Ask anyone and they will tell you they have great hunting dogs and family pets. Our dogs are backed by the performances to prove it. All of our breeding stock have passed their TAN and WRT Test. These two test are the natural ability tests offered by the UKC. These two test are very important to the breeder and client. It offers a chance to see if the "puppy" has a strong natural ability as a pointer as well as deep water retriever before training gets involved. In addition, all of our breeding stock are champions in the field (or higher) and in the ring. Titles matter. When it comes to breeding only the best dogs make our breeding stock. We have traveled across the US, France, Spain, and Italy in search of proving our breeding stock. I am currently a AKC Field Trial judge and UKC field and ring judge and instructor.

What is a Field Trial?

A field trial is a mock hunting competitive event at which purpose-bred dogs demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks their breed was bred to do. Dogs may earn points toward Championships that show up on pedigrees. This can be the most important tool for future clients to judge the breeding pairs skill set.

The American Kennel Club an United Club to name a couple sanctions member or licensed dog clubs the ability to hold field trials. These trials are divided into type by the function of the breeds they include:

Pointing Breeds. These breeds find game birds by the birds’ scent cone, not by actual tracking. On locating game, the dog will go on point directing the handler to the location of the bird where it can be flushed into the air. These include Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Setters (English, Irish, Gordon, Irish Red and White), Spinone Italiano, Brittanys, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, and others.

How to watch a Field Trial?

To find out where and when and where an AKC trial is going to be held go to the AKC calendar of events, select Field Trial as the event type, then select the state and the date. A calendar will come up that lets you know where and when one of the types of field trials is being held.

Once at the trial, approach the Field Trial Chair or Secretary and introduce yourself. They will be able to provide information or point you to someone who can. It may be a good idea to do some research in advance on the type of trial or the specific breed of interest. Contacting a breeder who competes, and making plans to meet at an event, would be beneficial.

What are the benefits of field trialing?

  • It builds strength and endurance for both the handler and the dog

  • It builds a very strong bond between the handler and the dog

  • It channels the drive that the dog has been bred for

  • It helps to identify superior dogs who may improve a bloodline

  • It creates a community of like-minded individuals, committed to the Sport of Dogs

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