Color dilution alopecia (CDA) in French Brittanys - Update

I was lucky enough to get an update this weekend on Rondo. He was known as "Grey Boy" as puppy at our kennel. Dilute genes in French Brittany are just starting to be found and leaned about so many of us are going through this together. I know very little about it but have been reading and learning as much as I can on the subject. I plan to share what I learn. Please leave any comments you might have!

Hi Clint,

I saw your blog with Rondo. His hair is filling in. Hasn't had any skin issues. We use an oatmeal shampoo, reasonable stuff off the shelf. Not sure if that makes any difference, but he has not had

any skin issues. Feel free to share.

He is doing great. Hope all is well with you.


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