'PR' Rambo Sur le Delavan TAN WRT

Live Cover Stud: $1,500.00


About Rambo

Rambo has big shoes to fill as the replacement to GCHf CH Fergus Sur le Delavan TAN WRT in our hearts and breeding program. Rambo is showing great field promise and desire at a very young age.  He has a strong natural retrieve on land and water.  He passed his UKC Water Retrieve Test (WRT) and Natural Ability Test (TAN) at 5 months old.  Rambo is making a nice house dog that lives in Will's room at night.  The fall/winter 2020 should be fun watch him figure out the wild bird puzzle. 


Rambo is a promising prospect for our kennel from some of our most proven foundation stock. Rambo has some of the most proven dog's to ever be tested in the United States in his 4 generation pedigree.  Some of those included the following:

- GRCHF CH De La Ferme Sur le Delavan TAN WRT

- GRCHF CH Vernon de L'Escarbot

- GRCHF Hera L'Etoile du Nord TAN WRT

- CHF GRCH NBOB Des Plaines'J'ai Ceci TAN

- NBOB CHF-W Brique de L'Ardour

- CHF CH Darius L'Etoile du Nord TAN

- 2x NBOB GrCH Cliathan Mighty McSmith TAN

Rambo's Stats

Sire: GUN2 Leo Sur le Delavan TAN WRT

Dam: GRCHF CH Hera L' Etoile du Nord TAN WRT

Whelp date: 03/04/2020

Height: Still Growing

Weight: Still Growing

Hips: PennHip .42 R and .43 L

      : OFA Prelim GOOD

Coat: Liver and White Clear

NON Bobtail

NON Ay Gene Carrier- Non-Sable Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Confirmation: Too Young

Inbreeding Coefficient DNA: 18%

Haplogroup: A1e

Embark Test Results



Owner: William LaFary

Breeder: Clint LaFary

UKC Field Results:

UKC TAN: PASS - Aug 20

UKC WRT: PASS - Aug 20







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