CH Barbadun Valcano TAN WRT "Skip"
*Spanish Import


About Skip

Skip comes to us from Spain and the Barbadun Kennel.  He brings a perfect match to our current lines of Bretons.  His lines go back to the same lines as Jedyna and Nalko.  

Skip is showing strong conformation and movement in the field for a young puppy.  He has a strong build and powerful run in the field.  Skip is going to be a heavy boned, bigger male for the breed and our breeding program.  

Skip will spend the summer of 2021 getting the basics in training but mostly spend the summer hanging out and learning what the word is all about- birds!  Skip has a great natural retrieve on land and water.

A quick glance at Skip's pedigree reads as a Who's Who of the most proven dogs in Europe.  You see many of these dogs show up in all of our dogs pedigrees.  

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Skip's Stats

Sire: Podgy de la Coulee Notre Dame

Dam: Ola De la Plaine Marat

Whelp date: 01/06/2021





Coat: Black Tri Roan

NON Bobtail

NON Ay Gene Carrier- Non-Sable Carrier

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal


Inbreeding Coefficient DNA: 19%

Embark Test Results

Owner: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Rubin Garcia

UKC Field Results:

TAN - HPPDC Aug 2021 

WRT - HPPDC Aug 2021

UKC Show Ring: Champion

1st (CAC) - Puppy Class - HPPDC Show 1 - 7/31/21

1st (CAC) - Puppy Class - HPPDC Show 2 - 7/31/21

1st (CAC) - Best of Breed - ITFT Show 1 - 9/30/21

1st (CAC) - Best of Breed - ITFT Show 2 - 9/30/21

1st (CAC) - Best of Breed - ITFT Show 3 - 10/1/21

1st (CAC) - Best of Breed  - ITFT Show 4 - 10/1/21

1st (CAC) - Best of Breed - ITFT Show 5 - 10/2/21







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