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LaFary's Tammy de Swift

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Tammy's Stats

AKC Number: SS34723703

UKC Number: R321268

NAVHDA Number (Pedigree): BS001941

Sire: Remie Sur le Delavan

Dam: R'GiGi de Swift

Whelp: 05/14/2022



Hips Results:

         OFA Prelim:


Coat: Black and White Clear




Inbreeding Coefficient: 20%

Owner: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Ingrid Swift

Embark Test Results

About Tammy

We are blessed to bring Tammy into our program.  Her very proven lines go back 5 generations of the most successful dogs to ever be part of Sur le Delavan Kennel. Tammy is a very bold young puppy showing great bird desire on land and in the water.

The top of Tammy's pedigree is packed full of the best lines in Spain.  You will find those lines in many of our very successful dogs and breedings.  Tammy is showing many of the same treat that brought us to fall in love those dogs before her.


Tammy has a high desire for birds and search when hunting that is exactly what has been the French Brittany so popular in the US.  Tammy has proven that she is a Champion French Briattany: At Home. In the Field. .  







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