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Stephen's Thor TAN 

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About Thor

Thor is showing many of the same traits that his dam and sire do.  Vernette, his dam, is a powerfully built female. Her size and ability to reproduce her confirmation makes her the ideal brood bitch. Her pedigree sets her apart from many others in the US. She brings the best of Europe and the USA together. She has two of the most proven French Brittany’s as grandsires: Bayard dit Bono de St. Lubin and Vernon de L’Etoile du Nord. His sire, Nalko, is one of the most exciting dogs to watch in the field.  He is a well proven bird dog in the hunting fields as well as trials.  Nalko has earned his FC and AFC Champion titles in the AKC.  Is is a CEB US National Conclave Champion in the UKC.

Thor is strong looking and powerful running puppy.  He brings a completely clean DNA/Genetic panel from Embark.  

Thor's Stats

AKC Number:

UKC Number: 

NAVDHA Number (Pedigree): 

Sire: FC AFC Gun Nalko Des Sentiers Du Ramier TAN WRT

Dam: N’Vernette De L’Etoile Du Nord TAN WRT

Whelp date: 06/02/2022



Hips Results:


            OFA Prelim: 

Coat: Orange and White Roan

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Normal

Confirmation Rating: Not done yet

Inbreeding Coefficient DNA: 

Embark Test Results

Owner: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Ronnie Stephens

UKC Field Results:

UKC TAN: PASS - 12/17/2022







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