Gun Dog Training

Three (3) months of training is $2,000.00 in total.  That includes birds and feed.  We will take monthly dogs from time to time as space opens up.  Monthly training is $950.00 and also includes birds and food. We also offer 1/2 day ($150.00) and full day ($200.00) "problem and solve" training for handlers having issues and want some extra help to solve the issue. (per dog)  We also offer "Forced Fetch" at the cost of $1,500.00.  The time it takes depends on the dog but most of the time between3-5 months.


We are able to train in Delavan, IL at Sur le Delavan Kennel, Bloomfield, IA on our family farms, Double Cluck Lodge in Canton, IL. 



The training will last for three months. 

When the dog is picked up it will have

been through:


Yard Training:

- Clicker Trained: Shaping behaviors

  and language notification

- Pre-Clue; Clue Training: the common

  language for you and your dog

- Avoidance Training: reliability

  and proofing

- E collar conditioning

- Gunfire conditioning

  (This all takes place before going to the field)


Field Training:

- Introduction (properly) to the birds and the gun in the field

- Recall to the whistle and voice

- Bending and hunting in range

- Holding point

- Backing

***Steadiness level is up to the owner.

- Steady to Wing

- Steady to Wing and Shot

- Steady to Wing, Shot, and Fall

Spring 2020 Trial Schedule

All spring trials are off until further notice

January 10-12 drop off

June 01-07 pick up



Jan 18-19             Pine Mountain, GA             UKC Wild Trial

Feb 6-9               CEB US Nationals              UKC Liberated plus Shows and Confirming

Feb 28-March 1     Delavan, IL                      UKC Trial and Show

March 7-8            Bloomington, IL                 AKC Walking Trial

March 14-15          Thayer, IA                         AKC Walking Trial

March 21-22          Petersburg, IL                   AKC Horseback Trial

March 28-29         Pella, IA                           UKC Wild Trial

April 25-26           LaSalle Brittany Club          AKC Walking Trial

May 30-31             MN/St. Croix                      AKC Walking Trial

$500 per month boarding, running, handling, and light training (5 months - $2500.00)

$50 per event handled                                     (around 25 handles- $1250.00)

$ entry fees                                                         (around 25 runs at $50: $1250)

$5 per bird used in training                              (will vary greatly)

*Roughly $5000.00 for the whole spring season.

*UKC and AKC papers, meds and vet records needed before leaving at drop off.

*Only taking 5 dogs.  The first 5 dogs with a $2500.0 deposit.





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