We get asked often about "what books do you recommend" for getting started in training or in training your own dog.  Below is a list of books we use and have found great value in.

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Bird Dog Training and Problem Solving was written for hunting dog owners to enable you to successfully navigate your way through the myriad of obstacles and difficulties oftentimes encountered while training. This book will help you on your journey through the process of developing a puppy into a finished gun dog. Robert Pettit reveals his secrets of not only how to train and prevent common mistakes, but also gives extensive guidance in the art of rehabilitating problem dogs. Pettit shows that gun dog training can be accomplished by the amateur and made into a rewarding experience for both the dog and his trainer. From the National titles won, to the dogs he’s trained that became champions, his techniques have now been made public for the first time. Now you too can become a better trainer and problem solver.

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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BIRD DOG TRAINING explains how to train a bird dog to hunt at a pace that suits a man walking, and to point and hold birds with all the elegance and style of a field trial champion. It combines successful traditional methods with modern electronic techniques to show how the nation's top professional gun dog trainers develop reliable hunting dogs that are easy to control, exciting to watch, and stylish on point.

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Training Pointing Dogs highlights the sage guidance of this master dog trainer. In a simple question-and-answer format, Long addresses the issues most often raised by trainers, professional and amateur alike. Paul Long's practical advice is filled with good sense and enhanced by the subtle, wry humor of a wily veteran. This is the book to have if you plan to train your hunting dog on your own.

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GUNDOG This dog training book will produce the perfect hunting partner for the man who wants a gun dog fast and wants to train it himself—from the author of Game Dog.

This time-proven guide by legendary trainer Richard A. Wolters offers a step-by-step method for completely training your dog. It is the first book for the upland bird hunter that teaches the hunting commands with the use of training tools, making training easier for you and your dog.

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How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves is an easy to read, step-by-step format that assists gun dog owners by providing proven methods emphasizing socialization, exposure and conditioning during the critical first 12 months of a dog's life. Over 130 photographs show the reader how to bring your pup along, using the easy, informal, time-tested methods. Now in the new, 4th edition, revised, this book continues to help hunters avoid making mistakes during the critical first months of a dog life, mistakes that could ruin an otherwise fine dog.

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Training your Pointing Dog for Hunting and Home tells how to choose the right breed for your personality and hunting and includes training tips for housebreaking and basic living commands. Techniques for introducing the gun, achieving staunchness on point, and advanced field quartering and retrieving. Preventing problem behaviors of deer chasing, blinking, gun shyness, hardmouth, short stopping.

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Evan Graham's groundbreaking book SmartFetch examines the history of force-fetching dogs, its goals and purposes while laying a solid foundation for a fully-trained dog. All obedience issues associated with it are fully explained, plus all phases of the program, from the teaching of "hold" all the way to Water Force. No book has ever been so complete in its discussion about, and instruction for, doing it yourself.