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We hunt our French Brittanys over 50 days each year.  We hunt on public, private, our own farms, and from time to time lodges.  After all, we got into bird dogs to hunt.  I tell you this because I am seeing more and more "breeders" using dogs that haven't ever been proven on wild birds.  I field many questions about hunting behind our "field trial dogs".  The truth is, that any good field trial dog should be as equally as good as a hunting dog.  The only difference should be in the level of training involved.  The EB runs in a range that the current cover is presenting at that time.  A dog that works at 20 yards in thick heavy cover might be a 150 yard out in the open prairies.  They are all breed for the "foot hunter".  That is what makes our dogs Champions: At home. In the field. 


Our family does hunt mostly upland birds but from time to time do some waterfowl hunting and even chase deer and pigs.  Hunting is much than a hobby for our family, it is a way of life.  Hunting is a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation in our family.  This sport isn't something we got into late in life.  It is introduced to us at birth.  The time we live in now, TVs, social media, and video games have taken over our children's generation but I refuse to take that challenge in defeat.  We are raising our kids in the outdoors and the dogs are a huge part of that process.

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