Sur le Delavan Kennel Pointing Dog Training

Our Approach to Gun Dog Training:

We have over 20 years experience training pointing dogs. We have studied all the major approaches: West/Gibbons, George Hickox, Dave Walker, Mo Lindley, NAVHDA, and the Smith Method. We borrow the best from each approach, but most of what we incorporate in our approach is based in our own experiences.  We learned quickly that each puppy and dog is different and no one program can fit all dogs.  We train dogs for hunting, hunt test, and field trials.  We only take 6 dogs a month.  Because of this we fill up very early each year.  We average about 50 dogs a year.  85% being Bretons.  We do not take dogs during December and January. We like to do our Forced Retrieve training in July - September.

50% of the training cost is due and non refundable at the time of booking your training dates.  We will not hold your spot without down payment. 

Before bringing your dog to Sur le Delavan Kennel it must be UTD on all shots/vaccines.  NO EXPECPTION WILL BE MADE. 

Training Programs offered at Sur le Delavan Kennel:

Puppy - This program is geared for young puppies over 16 weeks and 6 months.  This program is geared around teaching the puppy how to learn through clicker training.  The puppy will be introduced to the place board, kennel, and "Here." 

- $500.00

- One month

Introduced - This program is geared for young dogs 6 months and up. The program will introduce the dog to birds, gun conditioning, e collar, and running in the cover.  This is best used after the Puppy Program.

- $2000.00

- Three months

Finished - This program is geared for building the finished hunting and trialing dog.  The dog will be steady to the level the owner wants and backing/honor other dogs point.  This is your "brag dog."  This training follows the Introduced Program.

- $2500.00

- Three months

Forced Retrieve - Force Retrieving is a method by which a dog retrieves an object without applying pressure. This is of the greatest value in hunting situations, particularly with regard to partridge, pheasant, and fowl, which are bred for the purpose of hunting.  

- $1500.00

- The time is different from dog to dog but normally about 3 months

Problem/Issue Correcting -  We this offering for fixing gun shy dogs, blinking birds, or anything else that comes up.

- Price varies but starts at $1000.00

- Time frame varies depending on the issue

Training at Sur le Delavan Kennel by the hour - We offer one on one training with you and your dog.  We use our grounds, training tools, and birds.  This is the best opportunity to for the handler and dog to learn together.

- $75.00 per hour plus $5.00 per kill bird

- Per hour

Field Trial Handling - We take dogs for the fall and spring trial seasons. We go to UKC and AKC trials. 

- $500 per month.

- All entry fees.

- $25 per run handling fee. 

Training weekends - A few times a year we offer training weekends at our kennel through the pointing dog clubs we belong to.  Most of the times these weekends are free of charge and well attended.  The goal is to offer these opportunities to all pointing dog owners.