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What is the total cost of buying a puppy at Sur le Delavan Kennel?

Reservations are accepted with a $200.00 deposit (checks made out to Sur le Delavan Kennel) that is added to the total price of $1,500.00 of the puppy. We offer a large discount for puppies bought without papers.  Reservations are done in chronological order, and you may reserve a puppy based on gender. All puppies will be up to date on all shots and will have their tails docked if needed.  

I want to personally challenge you to find a better value in a French Brittany puppy from any other kennel.  If you do I will gladly match their price!

- We offer FULL AKC, NAVHDA, and UKC registration papers.  No strings attached.

- Fully tested breeding pairs: field, home, and confirmation.

- Can be microchipped if asked.

- UTD on all vaccines and wormer.

Will we be able to pick our puppy?  Or do you pick the puppy for us?

We can be as involved in the process as you want, but we would never pick the puppy for you.  We strongly encourage you to pick the "right" breeding for your wants and needs.  Outside that, you should pick the puppy that "stands" out to you from that litter.  It's much like going to the Ford dealer knowing you want the newest Mustang.  Now it is time to pick the package and color you want.

Can we pick the puppy based on the color we want?

No.  You can pass on the puppy when it's your turn wait for the next litter and see if you can get the color in that one.  This normally doesn't work out well for anyone involved. 

Can we pick the sex of the puppy?

Yes.  We encourage you to pick the sex of the puppy to meet your future plans. There is no credible evidence that male dogs are better hunters than females, or that females are easier to train than males. Both male and female dogs are capable of becoming coveted hunting dogs.

What order do we get to pick the puppy from the litter?

All litters are picked on first come first serve from the order the deposit is received.  I reserve the right to have the first pick of all litters we produce.  Also, if we use an outside stud it is possible that the stud owner would have pick of the litter as well. 

Will you leave the tail and dewclaws on?

We will not leave tails on for any reason. We leave dewclaws on all the puppies.  

Will we be able to name our puppy?

We ask that you name your puppy in accordance with the French naming system. Each year is assigned a letter, 2024 dogs’ names start with "V" and the kennel name, "Sur le Delavan" is appended to the end. E.G. a male whelped in 2024, would have a name such as "Vick Sur le Delavan." 


What type of registration will the puppy come with?

The litters will be registered with the UKC and AKC (full registration) and some litters with the FCI. You will be given papers for your puppy from both the AKC and UKC.  You will need to fill them out and send them in if you wish to register the puppy in your name.

Do you microchip the puppies?

Starting in 2021, all puppies can be microchipped with the AKC Reunite chip.  Each Sur le Delavan puppy will have its own number.  These chips will be able to be read at your vet and any animal control office they are brought to.  They will also work for international travel.   About AKC Reunite: As the nation’s largest non-profit pet microchip and recovery service, our mission is to keep pet microchipping and enrollment affordable, with no annual fees, so more lost pets can find their way home. Since 1995 our microchips, collar tags, and 24/7/365 recovery experts have helped reunite over 500,000 lost pets with their owners. Over seven million pets (35+ different species!) are enrolled with AKC Reunite. It is our mission to provide quality products and services that ultimately protect and reunite pets with their owners and prevent pets from populating our nation’s shelters.


What guarantees do puppies come with?

Sur le Delavan Kennel guarantees that your puppy will be free from genetic hip defects for 12 months. This is primarily, but not solely, for Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD).  If a dog is found to have a genetic hip defect, upon receipt of a Veterinarian report, I will work with you to resolve it to your satisfaction. I will never require your dog to be returned to me, as they are now a member of your family, and I have no desire to break up a happy family.  Also, any puppy being neutered or spayed will forgo any guarantee. 


In the unlikely event that your puppy has an umbilical hernia or retained testicle at the time of transfer of the puppy, we will pay $200.00 back to the buyer to help cover their future vet expense.  Neither condition will affect the puppy's health if treated.


What don't you guarantee?

There are some things we don't guarantee but work hard to avoid. We make every attempt when matching breeding dogs together to get puppies that will be great for confirmation but there is no way we can guarantee the dogs' markings, bite/teeth, size, or weight.  There is also no way for Sur le Delavan Kennel to guarantee the puppy's field abilities.  I will work with you in person, by email, or over the phone to help set up a training plan to make the puppy as successful as to be expected.  There is no way to control health issues but we have worked to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.  


Will you transport puppies?

While it is ideal for you to pick your puppy up in person, that is not always possible. Puppies can be sent from the Peoria International Airport. All shipping charges will be your responsibility. Plan for the cost of a new kennel for the puppy to fly in be around $75.00 and vet papers to be $75.00.  You should plan for the total cost of shipping to be around $550.00.  For started dogs or puppies needing to fly out of Chicago or St. Louis, we use Pets in Transit to help with that.  This is not cheap, but the safest way to do it.


What will the puppy be eating when it comes home?

Your puppy will be started off on Beaverdam Dog food.  

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