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We are not taking deposits at this time on 2023 littersWe will not take more than 10 deposits at any one time. 

We have our mating plans lined up for 2023.  I expect the females to be in season in the June time frame. I am teaming up with Ronnie Stephens owner of Stephen's Gundogs for a couple of these breeding.  Ronnie and I have worked closely bringing these dogs over from Spain and I am excited to get the opportunity use them in our breeding program.  I fully expect these puppies to be full of drive and desire.  We continue to work at producing Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field.  

'PR' Rambo Sur le Delavan TAN WRT "Rambo" X Omega Sur le Delavan TAN WRT "Meg"

- Puppies expected whelp date: June 23rd.

CH TR Jet Di Val Grossa X  N’Vernette de L’Etoile du Nord "Vernette"

- Puppies expected whelp date: July 18th.

'PR' Rambo Sur le Delavan TAN WRT "Rambo" X CH Barbadun Roma TAN WRT "Roma"

*** Please note that I may keep the pick from any litter I produce.

Deposits received in this order

  1. Aaron & Brittani Switzer - Orange and white male 

  2. Richard Renznack - 2023

  3. Steven Lesko - 2023

  4. Charles (Chuck) Steppe - Female 2023 

  5. Patricia Carnell - Black Male - 2023

  6. Dave Allen - Black female Spring 2023

  7. Debbie Connor - Black Tri Female (

  8. Travis Oliver - Female ( 

  9. Connie Hibbs -

  10. Steven Schneider - 734-646-5710

  11. Michael Hilliard - - Male

  12. Do Slivensky - 

  13. Bruce Thompson - 765-490-7665 - female

  14. Brett O'Conner - Rambo

 2024 - Pat Bennet - Orange Male Spring 2024 (

 2024 -Mike Vogel - (

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