Neonatal puppies, from 3 to 16 days of age, are ready and able to smell their world. You can take advantage of this to improve their adult scenting ability by doing Early Scent Introduction with your litter. It’s easy! All you need 13 unique scents and 5 seconds per puppy per day. It’s fun! Watching your pups fall in love or out of love with a smell is a hoot.

Watch this video to see how and why to try ESI, then download the handout below and get started!

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We have been doing and teaching Early Scent Introduction since 2017 with tremendous results!

ESI has contributed to our dogs’ successes in hunt tests and field trials, nosework, search and rescue work, obedience, tracking and more. 

Other breeders are having equally good results with their pups, resulting in excellent performance as Search and Rescue and detection dogs, as well as speed and confidence in every sport involving scenting, from nosework to barn hunt. Pet puppies also benefit from this simple stimulation and many breeders said they have seen improvements in confidence and stability in their pet and service dogs.

Research in dogs shows that scent work has an additional benefit for our dogs. Dogs that are taught and engage in scenting have a more optimistic attitude toward life and with that, fewer behavior problems. Check out our blog on this research here.