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Upland hunting in Illinois and Iowa, especially on our farms, has been a tradition that goes back many generations in our family and on the farms. The native prairie grasses that surround the farms are ideal habitats for pheasants, quail, woodcock, and waterfowl. With the introduction of food plots and additional cover, pheasants and quail have flourished on our farms in recent years.  

I have hunted pheasants and quail in the fields that surround our home and farms long before we thought of opening Sur le Delavan Kennel. These farms are full of overgrown fence rows, native grasses, and grain fields. The traditional upland hunt begins with us walking out our back door to the fields. 

These same traditions continue on at Sur le Delavan Kennel with my kids following along now; just as I did with my dad and he did with his.   The Bloomfield, IL farms are a favorite of our guests.

These farms have old fence rows, native grasses, and a mixture

of food plots and grain fields. This prime habitat ensures that

pheasants and quail are scattered across all of our properties.

We invite you to share and create your own memories along with

starting a new tradition of hunting with friends and family with a

hunt at Sur le Delavan Kennel.  Contact us for details. 

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We have 9 indoor/outdoor runs.  This building has water, AC, and Heat.  Each kennel run has Kuranda dog beds for the dogs.  We updated our outdoor kennels with new runs in the summer of 2020.  These 6 large outdoor runs are enclosed by a 1/2 acre fenced-in area for the dogs to safely run.  We also added a 1000 gallon septic system in the summer of 2020.  The health and safety of the dogs is always put first.

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We keep horses to train, handle, and trial off of.  This is a new addition to the kennel in 2019.  It was something we were taking our time getting into.  We are now fully invested and having a blast with it.  This has been one of the biggest "helps" to the training we have had in many years.  We welcome you to come train with us and Bingo, Coop, and Tonka.

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Our waterfowl hunts are on over 500 acres of our river and lake frontage.  The habitat has been managed for ducks and geese for over 60 years at our Urish Gun Club. During the duck migration every fall, ducks fly South to winter. Along the way, ducks will utilize the Illinois and Mackinaw river flyways to feed on aquatic vegetation and leftover grain from agriculture fields to aid their long journey southward. One will often see an influx of ducks right before and the days following major cold fronts. When open water begins to freeze, ducks will be pushed further Southward in search of food.  Making our river waterfowl hunting second to none!  In early September, our teal hunts can be outstanding at the Urish Gun Club in Goofy Ridge, IL.   

The deer hunting on our farms in Illinois and Iowa are truly some of the best in the world.  We have over 500 acres of timber on ridge tops, river bottoms, and edges of ag fields.  We have a limited number of farms we lease out each year in Iowa for deer hunters.  Every year for the past 13 years we have taken a 170 plus deer off the farms.

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