We trial our French Brittanys in the AKC (walking and horseback) and UKC. From time to time we also test our dogs in AKC Hunt Test and NAHVDA. We also put our dogs in the show ring. While we enjoy trialing we do it for you all.  We feel it is the most important and transparent way to prove how "good" our dogs are. Ask anyone and they will tell you they have great hunting dogs and family pets.  Our dogs are backed by the performances to prove it.  All of our breeding stock have passed their TAN and WRT Test.   These two test are the natural ability tests offered by the UKC.  These two test are very important to the breeder and client.  It offers a chance to see if the "puppy" has a strong natural ability as a pointer as well as deep water retriever before training gets involved.  In addition, all of our breeding stock are champions in the field (or higher) and in the ring.  Titles matter.  When it comes to breeding only the best dogs make our breeding stock.  We have traveled across the US, France, Spain, and Italy in search of proving our breeding stock.  I am currently a AKC Field Trial judge and UKC field and ring judge and instructor.