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Welcome to the website for Sur le Delavan Kennel. We are natives of Delavan, IL, hence our affix for our kennel being "Sur le Delavan".  We have lived on the McCrea Farm since 2000, we started our family here, and rebuilt our home and kennels in 2017 on the same grounds.  


Being dog lovers in general and pointing dogs in particular we decided in 2006 to firmly and definitely breed “French Brittanys” with the single goal of producing “Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field.” There are a few things you should know about us. We are not professional breeders. We are not backyard breeders either. We do not raise French Brittanys for a living.  We are serious and dedicated breeders who love Bretons and who own, import, hunt, field trial, and show our favorite pointing breed.

Although hunting is still and always will be the main purpose we raise EBs, we are committed to the ideals that have made the Breton the best family hunting companion available. That’s why we strive to breed "Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field."


Sur le Delavan Kennel is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take pride in our diverse range of training programs and the breeds and ages of dogs we work with. Our goal is to connect owners with their dogs in a positive, productive way that creates lasting bonds. Our experienced trainers have both the skills and the caring touch needed to get the job done right. Come discover the Sur le Delavan Kennel difference today!

Our breeding dogs have been carefully chosen from only the most proven kennels and lines in the world. Our breeding stock comes from France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, and the United States.  Our dogs are truly a living history of Epagneul Breton.  We have developed our own line of Bretons over the past 15 years.  You will see many of our Champion Sur le Delavan line of dogs in other breeders' kennels. 

We talk very little about our dogs because we prefer to leave that task to judges in the different disciplines we compete in, to confirmators, and to the kennel clubs themselves so that they can issue their expert opinion of our dogs both in the field and ring. Because of this, our clients have the certainty of objective and highly qualified information on each puppy, started dog, imported dog, and breeding couple. All of our litters are registered with the AKC (FULL), UKC, and NAVHDA.  Sur le Delavan Kennel is a registered kennel with NAVHDA.

The effort that we put into the selection of our litters is aimed at achieving excellence and for our Bretons to guarantee their owners the enjoyment and satisfaction of a good day of hunting or competition, without surprises or disappointments. If we succeed at providing “Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field.” our work and efforts will have been worth it.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We want to extend a warm welcome to visit the farm and our kennel in person.  It is our goal is to provide the best quality training and care for our clients and their furry friends. We understand that puppies and dogs have unique personalities and therefore, require individualized training plans and care. Our experienced team of trainers and caretakers are passionate about providing the highest quality training and care for your pup. We take the time to ensure that the training is tailored to their individual personalities and needs. With our team, you can be sure that your pup is receiving the best care and training available. 

Sur le Delavan Kennel

Champion French Brittanys: At home. In the Field.

Clint, Suzanne, Will, and Annabelle LaFary










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