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Precious Sur le Delavan "Pre"

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About Pre

Pre is out of our first "Rule of Seven" linebreeding on Lucy from the mating of Nalko and Nightshade.  Pre is a perfect example of what we were hoping for with this breeding.  Pre is full of speed and style coming from Nalko and grace and love coming from Lucy.  She is the perfect example of being a Champion: At Home. In the Field.

Pre's Stats

AKC Number: SS10492804

UKC Number: R288310

NAVDHA Number (Pedigree): 

Sire: FC AFC GRCHf Nalko des Sentiers du Ramier TAN WRT (France)

Dam: Nightshade Sur le Delavan 

Whelp date: 03/02/2019

Height: 18.5 inches

Weight: 29lbs

AY Gene - Clear

Dilute Gene - Clear

Raly Gene - Clear


Hips Results:


            OFA Prelim: 


Coat: Orange and White Clear

Teeth: Normal

Bite: Crossbite (one tooth)


Inbreeding Coefficient DNA: 22%

Owner: Clint LaFary

Breeder: Clint LaFary







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